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Apollo 45L

Electricity is the fuel of most of the gear. Therefore, as our first project, we designed the Apollo 45L to solve the power source problem. 

We found that more and more outdoor gears apply usb charging. Those stuff run out of battery quickly and so do your powerbank too. But you can't just bring many powerbanks, what can we do? The only solution is to found out a sustainable energy source to recharge you device! 


In fact, solar power is the most convenient power source to get electricity to charge up your gears outdoor, compare to any other sustainable source.


Therefore, we present you the Apollo 45L. 



Companion of Energy

The Apollo 45L is your portable power generate backpack with 6W and 1A output. The Apollo 45L do not comes with a powerbank because who don't have a powerbank? And the other reason is once the powerbanks run out of battery, they become dead weights. It is enough for charging most kind of your device or portable powerbank. They will never become dead weights. No matter you are in an wild adventure, a casual hike or just biking to work, the Apollo 45L guarantee you a sustainable power source.